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This wikia is dedicated to the "Dead Reign: Zombie Apocalypse RPG". This particular campaign is set in Oregon, with the potential to also include the entire west coast of America.  All of the player characters are based on real life people, the members of my gaming group whom I've known for over 15 years.  This will be the story of how we attempt to survive a new world in which the dead reign.

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Dead Reign: A Zombie Apocalypse Role-Playing Game also known as Dead Reign: Zombie Role-Playing Game; is a role-playing game set in a fictional near-future, in which a catastrophic plague known as "The Wave" wipes out hundreds of millions of people in a few days, and soon afterwards the dead rise as zombies. Players create human survivors struggling in a world in which the dead reign. Dead Reign is published by Palladium Books .

Source Material Edit

  1. Dead Reign: Zombie Role-Playing Game
  2. Dead Reign:  Sourcebook One:  Civilization Gone
  3. Dead Reign:  Sourcebook Two:  Dark Places
  4. Dead Reign:  Sourcebook 3:  Endless Dead
  5. Dead Reign:  Sourcebook Four:  Fear the Reaper
  6. Dead Reign:  Sourcebook Five:  Graveyard Earth
  7. Dead Reign: Sourcebook 6: Hell Followed (coming soon)

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Dead Reign - Zombie Apocalypse Role-Playing Game
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